Mysql Server Has Gone Away

November 16, 2008

while hacking around in wordpress i encountered an annoying error: “Mysql server has gone away”.

the reason for “mysql server has gone away” in my case has been a too large sql query. while the content field for options in wordpress is defined as longtext (~2^32 bytes), the connection between php and the mysql server has a much smaller restriction: max_allowed_packet. in my case this was set to 1 mb (afaik, the default value). the option table entry is clearly above (~2mb). i figured this out after some debugging using your queryWithReconnect function. after setting max_allowed_packet to 16M in the [mysqld] section in my.ini, everything worked flawless.

if this doesn’t solve your problem, try the workaround by rob.

Gallery Import

November 16, 2008

i am currently working on a gallery import system for wordpress. It will be able to import into the media library using pages to glue galleries together and to NextGenGallery. I hope that i will be able to finish them within the next few days (spend already too much time on writing importers for wordpress …).

Geeklog Importer

November 16, 2008

While migrating my website from geeklog to wordpress i stumbled upon the geeklog2wp importer from justindave (thanks’ to justindave). This is a very nice and handy piece of code, but unfortunately, some parts are not importet (links, static pages, and images). Beeing a programmer, i rather spend some weeks implementing an importer, than doing any copy paste between my old and my new website …

imported features are:

  • categories
  • users
  • posts
  • static pages
  • comments
  • links
  • article images

further a list of posts which should be checked for geeklog related elements is provided.

The extended version of the original importer can be downloaded from this blog: geeklog.php.

i have tested it with geeklog 1.4.1 vs wordpress 2.6.3. if you have used it for different versions, please leave a comment.