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Geeklog Importer

November 16, 2008

While migrating my website from geeklog to wordpress i stumbled upon the geeklog2wp importer from justindave (thanks’ to justindave). This is a very nice and handy piece of code, but unfortunately, some parts are not importet (links, static pages, and images). Beeing a programmer, i rather spend some weeks implementing an importer, than doing any copy paste between my old and my new website …

imported features are:

  • categories
  • users
  • posts
  • static pages
  • comments
  • links
  • article images

further a list of posts which should be checked for geeklog related elements is provided.

The extended version of the original importer can be downloaded from this blog: geeklog.php.

i have tested it with geeklog 1.4.1 vs wordpress 2.6.3. if you have used it for different versions, please leave a comment.